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An MOT is never precisely something enjoyment; we’re often full of dread at the thought of our technician getting a million and one faults resulting in our vehicle being labelled unroadworthy with just a watch watering fix statement able to change that.

Most of us realize that there’s never really any enjoyment in a MOT check but that does not necessarily mean that it’s scary because it is made out to be! From rumours to fables to experiences built to load you with hate; the planet of MOT’s isn’t any exception to falsities but just how many do you believe to be true?

However numerous these fabrications might have arisen as the consequence of dubious work conducted by questionable mechanics but there are greater than a several genuine, straightforward specialists who will enjoy by the book and ensure that your car is tested for every thing it must be and not failed for something it shouldn’t be.

You can find many popular urban myths bordering the MOT test but below I’ve selected a few of my favourites that, no matter how genuine your technician might seem, are only not true…

Haze Lights/ Rear Lights- There’s a standard misconception that damaged fog lights and failed opposite lights can lead to a MOT fail but this is far from the case. There is simply no legal necessity for these to be tried and thus you can’t fail your MOT test should these perhaps not be working.
No Insurance- Perhaps not directly linked to the screening conditions but this is positively anything I’d to point out; I’ve come across a quantity of owners who’re underneath the assumption that they cannot have to be covered to drive to the garage for his or her MOT but that is almost certainly not true! Yes it is permissible to drive without path tax as you can’t get street duty with out a legitimate MOT but it has nothing regarding your insurance. Whatever the condition, it is illegal to operate a vehicle anywhere without owners insurance so do not also attempt it!
Heating- No-one likes a cold car and de-icing in the winter is never simple if your heating is not working but that’s number purpose to get a fail. Actually, your heat shouldn’t actually be examined in the test so if it isn’t working Book Mot Reading, don’t fear a lot of about it!
Legitimate Spare Tyre- Your spare tyre will only be checked included in your MOT if it is presently maybe not fixed to your car. A technician is only going to actually encourage you to have a valid sacrifice tyre since it is merely wise practice however you need to never be unsuccessful for it.

Declining an MOT test is always a stress but are you aware of everything you must and shouldn’t be unsuccessful for? You can find numerous amazing, skilled and sincere technicians out there but for your own sanity and satisfaction, be sure you know everything there is to learn to make sure that that you don’t drop victim to these unsuspecting fables!

Thomas Robson may be the growth Manager at Key Audi VW; Birmingham’s major Audi, VW, SEAT and Skoda specialists. From MOT to car servicing, the consultant technicians can provide everything you need.

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