Kitchens and Baths Attaining Further Recognition through Latest Residential Develop

At the height of the housing downturn the most impacted areas in new house design were also once the most lucrative: kitchens and baths. For many years new house owners passed on popular and expensive add-ons to their kitchens and bathrooms such as for example water filtration systems, large pantry areas and natural wood cabinets. However, a recently published A.I.A Home Design Trends Survey indicates these functions and more might visit a comeback.

Renovation and remodeling contractors desire to make the most of a renewed fascination with these once popular amenities. Homeowners who passed on the functions to save money during construction are now more thinking about having it installed after the fact. Meanwhile, some architects report an upward trend in your kitchen space requested by customers during the look of the new homes. What might it mean for renovation and remodeling contractors? More business.

The area that received the most attention was the kitchen. 22 percent of respondents in the A.I.A report said the size of your kitchen is increasing in new house design and construction. The rediscovered focus on size opens up the chance of remodeling and addition work that can be achieved in this popular and lucrative sector. The dominant feature requested for new kitchens are renewable materials flooring stores burlington. Almost half of the surveyed architects said that materials such as for example bamboo, cork and concrete are becoming increasingly popular.

Bathrooms are a different story. The report suggests their size and quantity is remaining stable but having an added focus on accessibility of design. The trend towards more accessible, safer bathrooms has long been anticipated by contractors as current generations choose to stay in their homes into old age. Doorless showers and handheld shower heads are a favorite addition to customer bathrooms.

Contractors happen to be beginning to mount advertising campaigns aimed at these unique customers. It remains to be seen if homes constructed in the residential downturn will end up the latest, hottest market.

Overall, the report indicates a pattern of stabilization in the look of kitchens and bathrooms with notable upticks in certain areas. Savvy renovation and remodeling contractors are cashing in on how many households that renounced popular features throughout the downturn. Meanwhile, others expect more remodeling and addition options as the size of kitchen and bath design continues to increase in new house construction.

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