The thing that was Manna?

Manna was the name written by the Israelites to the miraculous food given for them while in their wanderings in the desert. The Israelites existed or lived because of this gift from God called manna for forty years. However, it suddenly stopped if they first got the new grain from the land of Canaan. Manna was always thought of as a miraculous gift from God and never as something of nature.

While there has been many attempts to use and explain this manna as a natural phenomena, ancient Hebrew scholars knew it was of a supernatural origin gift from God. It must be understood, that there’s no known substance that fits the description of the food called manna. Also, the Bible helps it be clear that manna came as a temporary provision for the chosen folks of Israel.

The poet Asaph called manna “corn from heaven” (Ps. 78:24). This manna was also called bread from heaven (Ps. 105:40). Hebrew writers มานาประจําวัน called it “angel’s bread “.Also, manna looked like coriander seed and had a taste like honey (Ex. 16:31). Furthermore, the word “manna” actually means “what’s it?” Because this is actually the question the Israelites asked if they first saw this manna. Individuals had never seen anything like this before (Ex. 16:15). But, this manna. that has been the foodstuff that God miraculously gave to the Israelites in the wilderness in their Exodus from the land of Egypt, apparently could be baked, boiled, ground, beaten, cooked in pans, and even made into cakes (Ex. 16:23; Num. 11:8).

Moses even commanded Aaron to put a pot of manna in the Ark Of The Covenant, in order that future generations might see the “bread of heaven” on which their ancestors had eaten (Ex.16:32-34). Also, manna was a visible sign to the Hebrews of God’s providential care for His chosen people. This miracle called manna began to look 30 days once they left the land of Egypt, and was handed every single day, with enough given on the sixth day to last within the Sabbath. God provided the Israelites with this specific miracle called manna for forty years whilst in the wilderness, until they crossed the Jordan. Then your manna stopped as quick as it began (Num. 11:6-9; Joshua 5:12).

Several attempts have been made to recognize manna with natural products of the Sinai region, such as the sugar-rich secretions of different insects. But the Bible helps it be clear that manna happened due to a miraculous occurrence from God. None of the natural candidates completely fits what the Bible says.

However, people who think it is hard to trust in the miraculous provision of manna written by God make reference to the Apoc, where in the book of Baruch it says: “Prepare a cereal offering and offer them upon the altar of the Lord our God.” Since this instruction was handed long following the daily way to obtain manna had stopped, it therefore points to some substance that might be purchased. That is by some considered to be a gum-resin, which discharged from trees such as the Alhagi maurorum, called the Prickly Alhagi. This sometimes is referred to as the Sinai manna.

But it must to said, that no substance is famous which in just about any degree satisfies all the requirements of what the Bible says about manna. There has been several travelers to the wilderness who’ve reported finding some natural phenomena in an effort to disprove the miraculous manna sent from God. In the Peninsula of Sinai, on the route of the Israelites, there’s a species of what’s called tamarisk, which is proven to discharge a nice, honey-like substance where its bark is pierced by a pest which its name is Gossyparia mannifera. It collects on the twigs and then falls to the ground.

The Arabs who gather it to offer to pilgrims call it mann-es-sama, this means “heavenly manna “.It is white in the beginning however turns to yellow. In the early morning this manna is of the consistency of wax, however when the sun is hot it goes away. Another suggestion is for connecting manna with a lichen-Lecanora esculenta, which grows in the Arabian and other deserts upon the limestone. The older masses become detached and are rolled about by the wind. Proper it rains, they’re gathered together in large piles. This lichen has been utilized by the Arabs when they have to make bread. That is what they need us to trust concerning the origin of manna, that God had nothing related to it!

I really do feel that the manna that has been food for the children of Israel while these were in the Wilderness for forty years, was a miraculous gift from God. The Lord is faithful and demonstrated His faithfulness by providing the Israelites with the foodstuff which they needed. The primary reason because of this belief is found in the Word-Of-God of what the Lord said unto Moses about providing food for the Israelites (Ex. 16:15).

It doesn’t matter if the manna was provided through natural means on the planet earth, it would of still been God giving, providing a miraculous gift to His chosen people. So, when it comes to the question of where did the manna result from, it wouldn’t matter if the solution was from natural or supernatural causes. Either explanation would still point out God providing a miraculous gift: called manna!

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