Realme 5 Smart-phone Specs

The Realme 5 continues this Chinese invasion, with Oppo spin off Realme currently joining famous brands Oppo, Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi among many others in selling very affordable handsets in Europe and the US. The Realme 5 is just one of its latest budget offerings, a follow up of forms into this Realme 3.

You’re definitely not getting the latest and greatest smart-phone specs here, but then you’re not paying anywhere near flagship prices, so you might think a good tradeoff. Here we’ll be putting the Realme 5 to this exam from all categories which matter.

With this 6.5-inch screen that we’ve already mentioned, a small teardrop top notch, a few reasonably thin bezels and a few well-placed curves, so the Realme 5 may certainly hold its own in the appearance department. The design is maybe a little bit uninspired, and the 1,600 x 720 pixel screen isn’t the sharpest, however we do not think you’re going to be ashamed to pull off the Realme 5 out of pocket.

The fingerprint detector is all around the rear of the device, together with that quad-lens camera, and this is neatly arranged in the corner (there was a serious chunky camera bulge though). At the bottom you’ve got a headphone jack and a speaker, while the Realme 5 goes old-school with a micro-usb port — don’t be worried if you’ve thrown all your micro-usb cables off, as you obtain one at the box with all the Realme handset.

Get the Realme 5 in your hands and it does have a notably light and inexpensive feel to it there’s a lot of plastic use here but complete we’d say that it’s a well made and well built bit of hardware. It’s rated as”splash resistant” but not watertight, and you don’t find wireless charging , which means you’re going to have to be more content with plugging your cell phone in each single time you would like to give the battery a boost.

As for that 12MP+8MP+2MP+2MP camera, so do not expect a lot of: that the Realme 5 might be stuffed with lenses, but there’s no telephoto-zoom here, and also the photos you’re going to get will just be good rather than great. Of course the worst camera phones are fine, nowadays, however you’re not going to get great detail in case you zoom into these pictures, and lowlight shots really are only a little hit and miss (though still okay, for the majority of times ).

Each smartphone is still a compromise between specs and price, of course if you want sensational-looking pictures or performance, look else where. If you want to spend as little as you possibly can, then your Realme 5 could be for you. You receive 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage by the manner, which you’ll be able to extend using a memory .

The only real aggravation we came across during our time with the Realme 5 has been that the Color OS edition of Android that’s stuck onto here — like lots of Chinese variants, it’s about the bloated and showy side. Battery life has been more promising, with all the device falling from 100 percent to 92 per cent after an hour’s video-streaming — a good result — and usually reaching the ending of your afternoon with tons of juice left in the tank.

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