5 Best Day trips and Excursions in Mexico City

If you find it difficult not to look at the fine historical sites of Mexico City, you are not alone, the spot around this bustling capital has many wonderful attractions worthy of exploration. While most of the effective places to go to near Mexico City can be found in one day, others are far enough away to require spending at least one or maybe two nights there. Whatever the distance, most of these destinations are accessible via public transport or even a vehicle. Guided tours of certain attractions of interest are able to in addition be arranged, either separately or even included in a program (customized tours are becoming more and more popular), so you can appreciate the most beautiful countryside in Mexico, along with charming colonial towns & cities, cave systems, Aztec ruins, and some of North America’s oldest historic sites easily and safely. We handpick the best top 5 day trips and excursions in the Mexico City listed below.

  • Touring Teotihuacán

Probably the largest Pre-Columbian site up to now excavated in Mesoamerica, Teotihuacán (Náhuatl for “the place where a male will become God”) is fifty kilometers north of Mexico City and also makes for a great day trip. On the edge of the high lying valley of Anáhuac and dating from around AD 600, this once influential political, religious, and cultural center currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was reduced to ruins well before the appearance of the Spanish.

  • The Aztec Pyramid of Tenayuca

Just twelve kilometers north of Mexico City, appears among the country’s most amazing pyramids, Tenayuca. Devoted to the sun god, the center of the 13th-century building measures thirty-one by twelve meters across and 8 meters tall, while successive “casings” (the structure was re clad every fifty-two years) saw the last building measuring sixty-six by sixty-two meters across and nineteen meters high.

  • Tula and the Tollán Ruins

Two hours from Mexico City by street will be the town of Tula, home on the remains of Tollán, the Toltec capital, and also the most perfect justification for a great road trip. Thought to have been affected by the Maya civilization for more than 1,200 kilometers separate in Yucatán, this splendid early website was first inhabited around the first 7th century and in later centuries by the militaristic Toltecs, who adopted components of the artistic capabilities of the Mayas. They attributed particular significance to jaguars and eagles and are thought to have instituted mass human sacrifices to appease the gods.

  • Taxco de Alarcon and the Santa Prisca Church

Set in a magnificent location on the side of a compilation of hilltops 170 kilometers south of Mexico City, Taxco is a favorite tourist destination due to its colonial-low tiled houses, quaint alleyways, tiny squares, and many secluded corners. Highlights include going to the beautiful Santa Prisca Church (San Sebastián y Santa Prisca), a picturesque place of worship in Plaza de la Borda, among the town’s smaller-sized squares. Completed in 1758, this particular masterpiece of Churrigueresque architecture comes with a main entrance flanked by a pair of Corinthian columns enclosing a row of sculptures and the Pope’s Triple Crown.

  • Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park

Although located 160 kilometers to the south of Mexico City along an incredibly windy course, a sightseeing trip to Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park are approximately seventy kilometers drive through the picturesque town of Cuernavaca is worth the effort. The fundamental appeal in this beautiful park will be the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa Caverns, among the world’s largest cave systems which is a must visit place. For more information about Mexico City Day trips and Excursions

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